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We can all agree that as busy moms it is hard to find time to exercise even though we all know the benefits of regular exercise – boosting energy levels, improving brain power, and elevating your mood, just to name a few. Fitting in exercise is actually easier than you may think and you can even include your kids so you have no more excuses!


Climb the Stairs
Simply going up and down the stairs in your house for 10 minutes will burn 100 calories. You know the hundreds of things that get left downstairs when they really belong upstairs? It might make sense from a time management point of view to wait and take the items upstairs all at once. Instead, take things upstairs as you find them and you will burn those calories before you know it.

TODDLER TIP: Have your child stand at the top of the stairs collecting items as you bring them up the stairs. See if they can carry the item to the correct room before you get upstairs with the next item. Toddlers love races.

Rearrange the Living Room
There’s something about changing up your living space that can revitalize you and change your whole perspective on things. Moving the living room furniture can burn 100 calories in just 15 minutes. Scared to find what’s been hiding under your couch? Vacuum for 20 minutes and you will burn another 100 calories.

TODDLER TIP: Enlist your child as a navigator and let them ride on the furniture as you move it. It’s like a ride at the amusement park to them; to you it’s a way to keep them from underfoot.

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Go for a Walk
Get out of the house and go for a walk. In addition to burning 100 calories during a 30 minute walk, you will also replenish valuable Vitamin D stores if you walk on a sunny day. Statistics show that 80% of Americans are severely deficient in Vitamin D. When you get sun exposure 2 to 3 times a week, you can reduce your chance of contracting a serious disease like cancer or Type II Diabetes by 50 – 80%.

TODDLER TIP: Include a fun activity for your child at the midway point in your walk and they will be asking you daily to take a walk with them.

Wash your Car
You know you love the look of a clean and shiny vehicle. Spend time washing your car and you will burn 100 calories in 20 minutes time. If you wash the car in the sun, you might get some streaking, but you will also get your Vitamin D for the day.

TODDLER TIP: Kids love water. Enough said.

Turn on some music and dance around the house. You don’t have to be Ginger Rogers or Michael Jackson to get the benefits from dancing. Any style of dancing will burn 100 calories in 30 minutes. Love Hip-Hop? You can burn 160 calories in the same amount of time.

TODDLER TIP: Teach your kids the dances from your youth. Of course, they will laugh, but that’s okay. Laughing is good for you, and I’m sure they’re pretty laughable.

Jumping Rope is a classic calisthenics move. If you loved jumping as a kid, chances are it will bring back fond memories while burning 100 calories in only 9 minutes!

TODDLER TIP: Dust off those old Jump Rope Rhymes from elementary school. Miss Mary Mack and Cinderella will have them cracking up (and sharing with their friends).

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Jumping Jacks
Remember Jumping Jacks from P.E.? Spend time with the tried and true, classic Jumping Jack. You will burn 100 calories in just 10 minutes while increasing your bone mass and reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis.

TODDLER TIP: Put some music on, show them how and your kids will be jumping all over the place.

These 6 ideas are just a starting point. The are literally hundreds of ways that will burn calories while having fun. Comment below to share your favorite ways.