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Ways to Cut Calories Without Starving

Whether you have 10 lbs to lose or 100 lbs to lose you need to make changes. It really does come down to diet and exercise but it doesn’t have to be daunting. I’ve added some ways to cut calories without starving. Want extra help on your weight loss/ get healthy journey? Join our Fitish Moms Facebook group (you don’t have to be a mom to join)

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Drinking cokes, sweet tea, beer, and wine, it is all adding unneeded calories. One can of coke is 150 calories. If you have 4 cokes a day that is an extra 600 calories which it half of your daily calorie intake if you are striving for 1200 calories a day. Learn to drink non-calorie sodas, unsweetened tea, and water. It will take some getting used to but you can do it. I was addicted to Southern ‘sweet tea’ and now I only drink unsweetened with lemon.

Use Smaller Plates

This is completely psychological. Studies have shown that when we use smaller plates we eat 30% less. We serve our self less, we eat less and we don’t feel like we are missing out on anything.

Load Up on Vegetables

Vegetables have less calories than food like meat, cheeses, breads, and desserts, they are also much healthier. I try to make my plate 2/3 vegetables. I’m eating just as much as I was before, I’m full, and I’m eating less calories. You get the minerals and vitamins your body needs.

Water, Water, and More Water

Drinking water can help you control your calorie intake since water has no calories and easily substituted instead of drinking high calorie beverages. It is also great for your skin and helps energize your muscles.

Eat Soup or Salad before Your Dinner

Eating a broth based soup or a salad with light dressing can significantly cut your calories. When you fill up on the soup and/ or salad you will eat less of your entree. I do this a lot when I go out to eat.

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Relax and Enjoy Your Meals

The French have it right, relax when you eat. When you rush you eat more and it slows down digestion. Eat slowly and you’ll see that you are actually filling up and don’t have to eat as much to fill full.

Measure Your Fat

This is common sense, the fat you eat is the fat you wear. Sure that candy bar sounds good but it is high in fat so you should skip it and grab a piece of fruit instead. When you measure your fat you will actually see how much fat is in everything and can make better choices. I love the My Fitness Pal app to help me keep track of my food.

Yes, You Can Eat Dessert

What? But you just said to make better choices and yes you should but I also don’t believe in never enjoying yourself. No, don’t have dessert every day and when you do have dessert just have a small portion. I like to share a piece of cake with friends.

Skip the Bread

You don’t need the bread brought out before your meal at a restaurant. It won’t kill you not to eat it, I promise. It is added calories you don’t need. I rarely eat bread unless it is wholegrain and usually when I make a sandwich for a picnic.

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Focus on Your Task at Hand

Ever find yourself mindlessly eating snacks while you are working or reading? That is added calories you don’t need. Eat at meal time and when it is meal time focus only on eating.

Eat Half of Your Meal at Restaurants

Restaurants, especially in the USA serve REALLY big portions. Pack half up for later as soon as your meal is served so you won’t be tempted to overindulge. My daughter and I like to split dinner and split a salad. We are never hungry for more.

Enjoy Low Calorie Alcohol

You probably should skip alcohol if you are trying to lose a lot of weight but we are Fitish around here and like to enjoy drinks on the weekends. I love IPA beers but they pack a lot of calories so I have a light beer. Make sure to skip the fruity drinks, they are packed with sugar! Cabernet wine has low sugar as well as liquor (without adding the juices). It is all in what you get used to.

Switch Out Your Snacks

Remember how I said no snacking while working or reading, etc? That doesn’t mean no snacks at all. I have a mid-morning snack and another in the afternoon but it is a designated time meant only for eating. Skip the chips and candy bars. Switch them out with boiled eggs, low fat yogurt, low fat cheese, or popcorn.

Skip the Cheese

Unless it is low fat  and lower calorie that is. One slice of cheddar cheese on a burger is an extra 113 calories! That is easy to leave off because all of those little extra calories here and there really add up.

Swap out Your Sides

I love french fries as much as the next girl but no, just no. Eat vegetables or if you must have fries then go for sweet potato fries instead. That isn’t to say I won’t reach over and grab a few fries off of someone’s plate when we are out to eat…

Grill Instead of Fry

As much as fried food tastes good skip it. Grilled food is delicious and your body will thank you.

There are plenty of foods that you can eat so you will not starve. Even if you aren’t a big fan of healthier foods you will get used to it and you will start to feel better.

Mediterranean-Inspired Quinoa Salad

Mediterranean-Inspired Quinoa SaladMediterranean-Inspired Quinoa Salad

Quinoa has become a staple in my diet. It is a plant-based protein and digests easily. I’ve been eating mostly plant-based for a while. I do still eat fish, eggs, and chicken but not nearly as much as I used to and I never eat pork (unless it is on a pizza) and it is a rarity if I eat red meat. That is why I wanted to share my Mediterranean-Inspired Quinoa Salad. That way if you wanted to add in more protein you can. The quinoa salad is one of my favorite lunches.

This quick and easy side dish pairs the bold Mediterranean flavors of lime, Feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and fresh parsley against the subtle backdrop of quinoa. Thanks to the naturally salty flavors of the olive brine and Feta cheese, this dish doesn’t need any added sodium to help balance the flavors. However, for best results, you’ll want to make this dish in advance to give the flavors a chance to blend.

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Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: approximately 20 minutes

Serves 4

1 c. quinoa, uncooked
2 limes, zest and juice
4 oz. Feta cheese, crumbed

2 oz. Kalamata olives, chopped, with brine

¼ c. fresh parsley, stems removed and chopped

Optional: Black pepper, to taste

Tip: For an added layer of flavor, toast the quinoa over medium heat before cooking.


  1. Cook quinoa according to package directions. Remove from heat and let cool briefly.
  2. Fluff quinoa with a fork and stir in lime zest, lime juice, Feta cheese, chopped olives, and fresh parsley until thoroughly combined. Season with black pepper, to taste.
  3. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving.

If you make this let me know how you like it! Have any other plant-based favorites? I’m always up to new recommendations. Drop me a line and let me know what your favorite are!

5 Busy Mom Workout Tips for the Beginner

5 Busy Mom Workout Tips for the Beginner.

5 Busy Mom Workout Tips for the Beginner

As moms, we’re all pressed for time. This is why I developed this list, 5 Busy Mom Workout Tips for the Beginner. Energy can be severely lacking, especially when our kids are little. This, however, is why we need to focus on our own health and fitness even more so to be able to have the stamina to keep up with the daily demands of caring for our children.  

So, what’s a busy mom to do? The gym is usually the first stop, but what if you don’t have the time or the funds for such an “extravagance”? What if purchasing equipment is out of the question? Here are 5 Busy Mom Workout Tips for the Beginner that you can do at home…you know, in between diaper changes and keeping kids out of the dryer.

Tip 1: Use Your Furniture!

Dining room chairs, the couch, a low coffee table… All of these can assist with squats and other exercises where you need stability. As a newbie (especially postpartum), it’s important to take it slow and use a means of stabilization until you’re comfortable and able to balance.

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Tip 2: Carve Out Time Where You Can

You don’t have to set aside an hour, or even a half hour, all in one block. Anyone with kids knows that unless they’re in school, this is virtually impossible. Ten minutes in the morning before they get up, ten minutes during nap time, ten minutes after bed time. Find ten minutes a few times per day and do something simple.

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5 Busy Mom Workout Tips for the Beginner

Tip 3: You Don’t Need Equipment!


Exercise equipment like weights and yoga mats can become a large expense. If you want weights, fill gallon jugs with water (preferably with a screw-on cap). A gallon jug of water weighs approximately 8 lbs. Fill to the desired amount (or use half gallon jugs for less weight). A thick towel can double as a yoga mat. Even a small child can be useful for weight training!

And speaking of children…

Tip 4: Involve Your Kids!

You’re never too young to start engaging in a physical fitness routine. Involve your little ones. Lay on your back and lift your baby. Make it a game. Ten reps, up and down. I guarantee your little one will love it! Do lower leg lifts while sitting…with your child on your lower legs. The added weight will increase strength, and it’s a fun ride! Put on some music and have a dance-off with your older kids. Get your hearts pumping and have some fun!


Tip 5: Use Your Stroller!

There are amazing exercises that you can do while on a walk with your little one. A quick internet search provides loads of options and workout routines. Stroller exercises serve a multifaceted purpose. You’re getting a workout (of course), you’re getting out of the house (which fends off depression and helps with the baby blues), and your baby is getting their fill of outdoor time which can help with naps and crankiness.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you always start with a warm-up and stay hydrated. Remember, fitness isn’t a quick fix, but a lifestyle. Slow and steady, and enjoy the journey! I hope you enjoyed the list of  5 Busy Mom Workout Tips for the Beginner.

I also recommend using Youtube for videos. I use my chromecast to display on my t.v. My favorites are Zumba and Yoga. It is perfect for rainy days or if you are busy. We all deserve 40 minutes to take care of ourselves and you can pause the videos if you have to!

8 Ways to Sneak More Exercise into Your Busy Day

8 Ways to Sneak More Exercise into Your Busy Day

Finding the time to exercise isn’t always easy. There’s work, school, activities, appointments, meetings, errands, chores, and many other things that can get in the way of exercise. Sometimes going to the gym or out for a run just isn’t possible. So, what is one to do when life gets in the way of staying fit? You may not have time for an hour at the gym, but most people do have time for some small bursts of exercise throughout the day. Below you can learn 8 ways to sneak more exercise into your busy day, and afterwards, maybe you can think of other ways that would work for you.

  • Park further from your destination than you have to. When you go to the store or to an appointment, don’t park close to the door. In a big parking lot, you can park in the last spot. If it’s a small parking lot, park further down the street. Just getting in those extra steps every day can help you not be completely sedentary.
  • Use the stairs. Instead of taking the elevator or escalator, use the stairs. Walking upstairs will help your cardiovascular system and it will help you strengthen your legs including your glutes (your butt).
  • Take advantage or waiting in lines or other times you have to stand still. Anytime you are stuck in line or waiting somewhere you can do stationary exercise. You may be self-conscious about how you look doing exercises, but don’t let that get in the way of living a healthy life. While you’re in line or maybe while you’re pumping gas, do toe ups for great calves or bodyweight squats to make your butt look great. You can also run in place or do alternating lunges. There are so many exercises you can do for a few minutes at the time while waiting.

  • Exercise during commercials. If you have television shows you just won’t miss, exercise during the commercials. Commercials are wasted time, but you can reclaim it for your health. Do sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, squats, lunges, you’re really only limited by your imagination. There are so many ways to exercise during commercials. If you have dumbbells or a kettlebell, you can use that.
  • Walk around when on the phone. With mobile phones and Bluetooth, walking around while talking on the phone has never been easier. While you’re talking to your mom, kids, sister, friends, and even some clients, just walk around. If you need to be near a desk just pace back and forth in front of it. All of the extra steps will add up, and if you want to monitor it, you can use a Fitbit or other fitness monitor.
  • Play with your kids. If you have children, nieces or nephews, grandchildren, or other kids in your family, take some time out to play with them. Something as simple as “Follow the Leader” will give you more exercise. Most children love staying active, so it will be easy for you to be active if you’re playing with them. They will also love the attention and time you’re spending with them.
  • Ride your bike. If you have a bike, you may want to consider riding it to work or for some errands. Make a game out of seeing how many times you can use your bike instead of your vehicle.
  • Get up 15 minutes earlier. This might not be a popular idea, but just waking up 15 minutes earlier in the morning can give you a few extra minutes to do a short workout before your shower. There are many bodyweight exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups, and crunches that you can do during this time. You can also choose to do yoga or Pilates. There is a lot you can do in 15 minutes that will help you improve your fitness.

If you’re too busy for the gym, you may consider adding exercise and movement throughout your day instead. You have just learned several ways to do this. Hopefully, this will get you to thinking about what you can do throughout your day. There’s always time to improve your fitness, even if it’s with small bursts of movement during your day.


Using A Pedometer To Get Your Walking In

Using A Pedometer To Get Your Walking In

Setting aside some time to go for a 45 minute walk isn’t always easy, especially when you have kids! We all live busy lives and between family and work, fitting in a workout isn’t always possible. What if I told you that you didn’t have to dedicate a set block of time for your walking workouts? What if you could get the same health benefits by working in a little more activity here and there throughout your day? And what if there was a fun little gadget that helped you keep track of it and motivated you to move more?

There is and it’s called a pedometer. You can pick up an inexpensive model at your local super store or order it from Amazon. Or you can go with something a little fancier like a Fitbit for example. But before you head out to spend any money, check your smart phone. Many models have a pedometer built in. All you need to do is download a free app and you’re good to go.

The pedometer will track how many steps you take on any given day. It will also track how many minutes you’ve spent being active and how many miles you’ve walked. In other words, it keeps track of how much exercise you get during your day. And the good news is that it doesn’t matter if you head out after work for a 45 minute walk, or if you work out in little spurts here and there throughout the day. Maybe you start your day by parking a little further away from the office and walking a couple of hundred extra steps. Then you take a quick stroll during your lunch break. You wrap up your day by walking around the park while your kids play. And just like that you’ve gotten your exercise in without having to block out any additional time.

Give it a try. Put on a pedometer, or start tracking with that phone you’re always carrying around anyway and see how much you’re walking around any given day. From there, try to get a little more active as time goes by until you hit your stepping goal. For most of us 10,000 steps per day is a good long term goal, but if you’re feeling more ambitious than that, go for it.

Keeping track of your steps is very motivating. Looking at your pedometer and realizing you’re 2,000 steps away from your daily goal may be just the motivation you need to head out for that after dinner stroll.


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Applesauce Banana Bread

Applesauce Banana Bread

I know that bread isn’t that great for you but there is a reason this site is called ‘Fitish Moms’. It is about balance. I like dessert, I like pizza, and I like don’t like to deny myself of anything. It is working for me since I’ve lost 30lbs. I don’t go overboard, I exercise, and I switch out ingredients when I can.

I’ve taken a banana bread recipe and made it healthier for you. This applesauce banana bread is a great treat.

4 ripe bananas
1/4 cup of sugar or sugar substitute. I like stevia.
¾ cup of applesauce
2 eggs
2 cups of bread flour
½ teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9” x 5” loaf pan. In a large bowl, slice the bananas and use an electric mixer to mash. Add the sugar and blend. Let mixture stand for 15 minutes. Add applesauce and eggs and mix well. Blend in the remaining ingredients. Pour into the greased loaf pan and bake for 55 minutes. Remove from the oven and let stand again for 10 to 15 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.




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Diggro DFit Bluetooth Waterproof Smart Bracelet Watch Wristband Fitness Tracker Giveaway

Are you looking to get fit? Of course you are, that is why you are reading Fitish Moms!

We have a great giveaway for our loyal readers. One lucky lady will receive a Diggro DFit Bluetooth Waterproof Smart Bracelet Watch Wristband Fitness Tracker!

About the tracker…

  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The device monitors your heart time in real time, and constantly traces any changes in your heart rate,and it will remind you when your heart rate is out of the safe range
  • Sports Tracker: Record daily activities, you could check daily activities including steps, heart rate, distance and calorie consumption in the app
  • Sleep Quality Monitoring: Automatically recognize your state and monitor the whole sleep progress with analyzing the deep sleep and light sleep hours
  • Sedentary Reminder: Bluetooth heart rate wristband will remind users to take timely rest to avoid fatigue to maintain good health according to your working time

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Top 5 Fitness Purchases for the New Year

This post contains affiliate links
Top 5 Fitness Purchases for the New Year

Some people create New Year’s resolutions of things they’d like to change or improve during the New Year. Many of these New Year’s resolutions are fitness and health related. Some people set weight loss goals, some people set goals for how much exercise they’ll do, and some people make resolutions about what diet they’ll follow, but they’re all goals that are meant to improve health and fitness. With all the focus on improving in the New Year, many people make purchases related to fitness at the beginning of the year. If you’re one of the people trying to improve your health and fitness, there are a few products that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Below are the top 5 fitness purchases for the New Year, and below you’ll learn about each one and learn how they can help you improve your fitness.


Fitbit Charge 2

  • Continuous heart rate tracking.
  • Simplified heart rate zones to maximize your workout.
  • Notifications so that you can keep track of your progress.
  • Sleep monitoring.
  • Get your fitness score to measure overall fitness.
  • See real time stats about your heart rate, pace, and distance traveled.
  • Track daily activities such as step and distance traveled.
  • Pulsing alarms to wake you up or give you reminders.


The Fitbit charge 2 is an excellent fitness monitor. It’s affordable, well-designed, attractive, and comfortable to wear. The Fitbit Charge 2 has a longer lasting battery than some other fitness monitors so you won’t have to worry about it dying early in the day. Using a fitness monitor can help you stay on track by letting you see your progress. As you work hard to improve your fitness level, you will be able to see the progress in real stats that reflect your health and fitness. It also helps you to maximize your workout by ensuring you’re in the correct heart rate zone for your goals. This is a great product to help you reach your goals in the new year and you can use it as just one weapon in your arsenal.


Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

  • (5) 12- inch long resistance loop bands in varying resistance levels.
  • Can be used with Yoga, Pilates, general exercise, and rehabilitation after injury.
  • Each band is tested for quality.
  • Carry bag included.
  • 41-page ebook instructional guide.
  • Access to an online video instructional guide.
  • Lifetime money back guarantee.


The Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands are high-quality resistance loops that come with a lifetime money back guarantee. They’re perfect to use with Yoga, Pilates, other exercises, and with rehabilitation exercises after an injury. There are five different strengths of resistance bands so that you will have the perfect strength for any exercise you choose. As you gain strength, you’ll be able to use the stronger fitness bands so that you’ll be able to work your muscles harder so they’ll continue to get stronger. If you’re looking for a way to increase your fitness level in the New Year, these loop fitness bands are worth the investment.


BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density

Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat

  • 71″ long 24″ wide, and 1/2” thick high-density foam mat.
  • Double-sided non-stick surfaces for reduced chance of slipping.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Washable with soap and water.
  • Strapping for easy transport and storage.
  • 100% BalanceFrom satisfaction guarantee and 2-year BalanceFrom Warranty


The BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High-Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat is a high-quality yoga mat at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a Yoga mat or mat for floor exercises, this is a great choice. It is thicker than most mats so you’ll have some cushioning on your knees and hands when in some exercise positions. Because this yoga mat is made of thick double-sided non-stick foam, you’ll get less slipping while you exercise and have less risk of injury. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is an injury when your New Year’s goal is to have better health and fitness. This Yoga mat will help reach your goals by giving you a safe place to workout at home or at the gym. Use this mat for floor exercises, Yoga, Pilates, or with your kettlebell, dumbbells, or stability ball. It is also a great place for stretching and using a foam roller before and after your workouts.


Fitbit Flex 2

  • Tracks distances, steps, calories burned, and minutes that you’re active.
  • A thin band that can be hidden in bracelets and other accessories that are compatible.
  • Small and large size band options so that it will fit your wrist.
  • A swim-proof tracker that is pool, ocean, and shower safe.
  • Communicates with an app so that you can easily get the information recorded.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Sleep tracking.
  • Vibration alarm.


The Fitbit Flex 2 is an affordable fitness monitor that has some great features to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions. Like most fitness trackers, it will track your distance traveled, steps, calories burned, and minutes that you’re active. After the basic functions are listed, the Fitbit Flex 2 stands out against other fitness monitors in the same price range. The Fitbit Flex 2 is not just water resistant, it is swim-proof for the ocean, pool, bath, and shower. It also has a long battery life so that you can wear this tracker daily as well as wear it to bed for sleep tracking. Use it to track your fitness, and also use it to replace your alarm clock with a vibration alarm. If you want to hide this tracker, it’s easily hidden in compatible jewelry and decorative bands. The Fitbit Flex 2 is a great New Year’s buy, and it also makes an excellent gift.


Survival and Cross Jump Rope

  • Excellent for cardio workouts including speed jumping and double-unders.
  • Great option for travel.
  • Fully adjustable length.
  • Comes with the cable jump rope and a downloadable exercise manual.


The Survival and Cross Jump Rope will make an excellent addition to your gym bag. You can use it at home, the gym, on your lunch break, and while traveling. Not only is it convenient, and affordable, jumping rope is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do. The Survival and Cross Cable Jump rope is a great choice of jump rope. It’s perfect for speed jumping and double-unders, and for just regular jump roping exercise. This jump rope is also fully adjustable in length, which is excellent, especially if you’re shorter than average. Once the rope is adjusted to the proper length, excess cable can be cut using wire cutters. This jump rope is a low cost option for fitness equipment to help you meet your New Year’s fitness goals.


If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality fitness equipment to help you reach your New Year’s goals, you should consider all of these fitness products. Both fitness trackers are excellent quality, but have slightly different features. If you’re looking for a swim-proof fitness tracker, the Fitbit Flex 2 is the way to go. If you’re looking for a display screen and watch-style fitness tracker, the Fitbit Charge 2 is the best option. In addition to the fitness trackers, there is an excellent yoga mat that is thicker than most and made with a double-sided non-slip surface to cushion your floor workouts. There’s also an excellent set of resistance band loops to add resistance to your bodyweight exercises and stretches. Last but not least, the Survival and Cross cable jump rope will help you take your cardiovascular fitness to a whole other level. If you want to improve your fitness in the New Year, all of these products can help you meet that goal at a very reasonable price. Start building your home gym with these products, or add to your existing fitness equipment to help power through your New Year.


How Does Exercise Affect Your Mental Health?

How Does Exercise Affect Your Mental Health?

It’s often difficult to think about the physical aspects of your body as being associated with the mental aspects of your body. However, the link between both physical and mental is very strong, and the things that you do physically to your body can have a massive effect on your emotions and how you feel on a day to day basis. When you start exercising, you might notice that there are certain affects on your mental health. Here are some of the main ways your mental health will be affected when you start exercising regularly.

  1. You will have more self-confidence

Lots of people start exercising in the first place in order to build their self-confidence. A lack of self-confidence can be a terrible thing, and it can stop people from doing the things that they want to do. Exercise helps to build confidence since it gives you a sense of achievement regarding your body, and if you work hard enough to start seeing results, you’ll become happier with your body.

  1. Exercise releases endorphins

Endorphins are the hormones which make you feel happier, and one of the most common ways these are released is through exercise. They can also be released by eating healthy foods, hugging someone or being intimate with a person you love or are very close to. If you’re feeling down and you want a quick way to give yourself a boost, go for a run or head to the gym.

  1. It will boost your immune system

Exercising regularly can help to give your immune system a boost, and while this is definitely a physical side effect of working out, it is also a mental side effect too. With a better immune system, you’ll be less likely to develop depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. A strong immune system also means that you will develop less colds and flus, which can make you feel low and down about yourself, particularly if you need to take time off work or have to miss out on certain occasions or engagements.

  1. You can get rid of anxiety

If you have anxiety, you can get rid of some of it in the short term by exercising. If you exercise using intense workout methods, it can be a great way to release tension and worry that you might be feeling. A regular exercise schedule could mean that you greatly alleviate your symptoms of anxiety in the long term too.


9 Tips for Sticking to Exercise Long-Term

9 Tips for Sticking to Exercise Long-Term


Starting an exercise program is only half the battle. Sticking to exercise long-term is a huge challenge for most people. You may start out strong, never missing a workout, and you may even be seeing some positive challenges with your body and energy, and then suddenly life gets in the way. You may start missing a workout once and while, but then before long, you’re missing several a week. Once you start skipping workouts, it gets easier to skip the next time. Once you get out of the regular routine it’s difficult to get back on track. You might just hate exercising and eventually stop because you’re miserable, or maybe you’ve become bored with your routine. No matter what is affecting your motivation to keep up with your exercise program, you’ll find some helpful tips below on how to stick to exercise long-term.


Find something you enjoy. – If you hate your exercise program, chances are good that you won’t stick with it long-term. Life’s too short to stick with a type of exercise you hate. Take the time to find something you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to try new ways of getting exercise, and don’t give up till you find something that you enjoy.


Schedule your exercise to ensure you have the time. – Make exercise a priority by scheduling time for it. Many people find it helpful to exercise in the mornings so that nothing gets in the way of it later in the day. If you schedule your exercise time like you would a doctor’s appointment, then you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals and you’ll set yourself up for long-term success.

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Track progress. – Be sure to track your progress so that you will have something to look back at when your motivation starts to wane. If you can see how far you’ve come by looking at a fitness journal and pictures, you’ll be more likely to succeed long-term.


Take pictures. – Take pictures once a week so that you can see your progress. Some people prefer to take monthly pictures, and that’s perfectly fine. You will see more changes month to month than from week to week, and that works better for some people Just be sure you record your progress through pictures.

Find a workout buddy. – If you need help staying on track, you may want to consider a workout buddy. If you choose to have a workout buddy, just be sure you don’t allow them to get you off track if they quit. You have to be willing to move forward without them.


Start slow. – It is human nature to want to start out full force with an exercise program when motivation is high, but avoid this temptation. If you jump in too fast you could risk injury, excess soreness, and you are at risk to burn out and quit.


Don’t be afraid to change up your routine if you get bored. – Don’t let your exercise routine get stale, be willing to change things up to keep it exciting. Try a new class, a sport, or change your weightlifting routine. Do what it takes to keep the fun and excitement in your workouts.

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Celebrate milestones. – Did you lose 5lbs? Did you meet a weightlifting goal? Did you go down a jean size? Celebrate these small milestones with something other than food.


Keep a packed gym bag ready. – Everyone has busy mornings where they’re running around trying to get everything they need, and these are the mornings you’re at risk of skipping a workout. Pack your gym bag the night before and prepare any meals you may need. Set yourself up for success.


These tips can help you stay on track with your exercise program long-term. If you plan ahead, celebrate your success, and find something you enjoy, you will succeed with your exercise program. You will feel awesome once you meet your fitness goals, and these tips will help you on your fitness journey.